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Walking along the beach, the small waves lapping at the shore are a welcome sensation.  They wash over my toes and remind me of my nearby companion, the ocean.

Waves are a strange thing.  The small ones do no harm, other than possibly taking down a sandcastle or two.  The large ones, however, can wipe out a town in the blink of an eye.

In life, we all experience waves.  Usually they are tolerable and don’t knock us off balance.  Then there are times when the waves overtake us and hold us under.  As we gasp for air and struggle to reach the surface once more, we reach upward and hope that we will make it.

I’ve learned that it’s wise to always stay within the watchful eye of the Life Guard.  He will keep a constant eye on me and will always pull me out when I go under.  I am grateful for His presence.

Man has learned to harness the waves of the ocean by sailing atop them. He has found a way to use the ever changing force of the water to get him to the shore he wishes to reach.  He will surely encounter storms along the way.  As he travels he will rely on his compass to safely guide him through the storms, even when he cannot see the way with his own eyes.

As we sail through the waves of life, we must follow his example.  We must learn to use the waves that crash into our lives as a way to reach the place we wish to be next.  We need to trust in the guidance that is there for us to use and we must never lose sight of our nearby companion…the Life Guard.

Happy Campers


For those of you who grew up with families who liked to go camping…I’m a little jealous.

Our summers were spent at a cottage that, by no stretch of the imagination, would be considered as “roughing it”. While I loved that place so much, my heart always jumped a bit as I watched friends and neighbors leave in cars and campers each summer headed for places like The Black Hills and The Grand Canyon all in the name of camping.

I came across this article which is chock full of camping hacks.  If I were to go camping, I like to think I would do these things.  So for those of you who are happy campers – please enjoy!

  • Use foam floor tiles to line the bottom of your tent for a better night’s sleep.


  • Point a head lamp into a gallon jug of water for an instant lantern.


  • Repurpose a coffee container to hold toilet paper.


  • Use Tic Tac boxes to store your spices


  • Get these really awesome hanging seats for car camping.


  • Use an empty laundry detergent bottle as a hand washing station. Just fill it with water.


  • Make an easy-to-carry fire starter with a cardboard-only egg carton and match light charcoal. Light the carton, start the campfire.


  • Cook cinnamon rolls in hollowed out orange peels. Details here:


Now if someone could just figure out a way for me to go camping and guarantee there will be no bugs.

Rain, Floods and Giant Clams


It’s been a year of record breaking weather here in Minnesota.  We’ve had snow…LOTS of snow.  We’ve seen very cold temperatures and now we are seeing recording breaking rainfalls.  No matter how impressive the numbers have been, we’ve never seen it result in a giant floating clam, that is until now.

A beloved place in St. Paul is Harriet Island.  It is a place for gatherings, concerts and playgrounds – one of which contains a giant clam.  Here it is in its proper place:


Earlier this week as the rain totals for the month neared a foot, the giant clam floated away.  News crews all over the cities caught it on camera and it was a bit like finding Waldo around here.  “Where’s the clam?”  (One person made sure we knew it wasn’t actually a clam, but a mussel shell.)

In these days of horrible news about the flooding causing loss of homes and businesses , this pearl of silliness is a nice break from the sadness.

The water is, hopefully, at its peak stages and will soon be a distant memory.  If you live in the area, please seek out the businesses that have been affected – they could use your patronage.  If you are one of the ones affected personally, my thoughts and prayers go out to you and I hope things are back to normal very soon.

But since there’s nothing we can do about the rain, we can at least enjoy a video of a giant floating clam. Please click on the link below.