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The Battle


“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”

Robin Williams was a beloved actor and comedian.  He always seemed to be “up”.  According to those who knew him well, he was one of the kindest people they’d ever met.  I believe that.

When people are fighting tough battles in life, they wear heavy armor.  Sometimes the armor takes the form of comedy, sometimes it means becoming a character that makes the world love us more.

When battling depression, everyone deals with it in different ways.  Most often it is kept hidden, locked in a small chamber of the heart, always away from prying eyes.  But it’s always there and it’s always battling to be king.

Sadly, Robin Williams lost his battle yesterday.  It’s a heartbreaking loss for all who loved and admired him, but it’s an even bigger loss to those who are in battle themselves.  It’s a sober reminder of the seriousness of this insidious disorder.

Be kind to those whom you suspect are in battle, be kind to those whom you think are just fine.  Like the quote says, everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about.  We must be sure to always give a hand up and to not pile more weight on the soul of another through inconsiderate words or deeds.

Evan Rachel Wood said it best.  Below a photo of the beloved Genie from Aladdin she wrote these poignant words:  “Genie.  You’re Free.”


…So They Like You


“Put your make-up on
Get your nails done
Curl your hair
Run the extra mile
Keep it slim so they like you, do they like you?”
~Colbie Caillat

Colbie Caillat is one of my favorite singers.  Her voice is smooth and honest, her music reminds me of a day at the beach.

In recent years she has become very popular and, in the name of creating a popular image, has been asked to fit herself into a mold she is uncomfortable with.   She was beginning a new project with producer Baby Face Edmonds and she told him this: “I was getting a lot of pressure to be someone I’m not, both musically and image-wise. Although I don’t want to do it, I’m just going to make these people happy.”

You’d expect the person responsible for the money machine to tell her to suck it up and move on, instead he said, “Let’s write about exactly what they’re asking you to do—to change yourself”.  Out of that discussion came the song, “Try”.  Please watch it  by clicking on the link below.  Listen to the words.  Share it with the women and girls in your life.

The final lyrics ask us an important question.  Keep it in mind as you watch:

“Don’t you like you?  ‘Cause I like you.”

Colbie Caillat – “Try”

Best Laid Plans


I am really good at making plans.

I can look ahead with great anticipation and put forth a plan that is bound to succeed.  I have done it so many times…problem is, I never seem to get all the way to the finish line.

A few times, the finish line has been in sight, it was just out of my reach…and then, I quit.

Usually the reason for this is that I lose sight of why I started in the first place.  This applies to all sorts of goals – plug yours in freely.  Most often, mine has to do with health related goals.

Why do I lose sight of my goal?  I’m not sure exactly, but I know I’m not the only one who has done so.

Lifehack has a really great list that helps us understand why people fail to reach their goals.  Here it is:

1. Creating vague goals – goals must be precise and detailed in order to succeed.  “I want to lose weight” won’t cut it.

2.  Goals can be set about every topic imaginable, but if there is no higher purpose to them, they will fail.  Figure out how this goal will affect your life for the better.  Keep that in mind.

3.  Procrastinating – make sure to break your goal down into manageable pieces and start right away.  Don’t put it on the calendar for a future date, you will continue to find reasons to postpone.

4.  Not taking responsibility – when you are failing at reaching  a goal, remember that you have the power to achieve the goal and that it isn’t anyone else’s fault if you are failing.

5.  Listening to people who discourage you – remember that you can ignore the naysayers.  Who knows why they do this!  Just let is slide off your back and keep going.  After all, it’s YOUR goal, not theirs.

6.  Starting too many projects – This one is part of my problem.  I love projects and I sometimes forget that it’s not only fun to start them, but also to finish them completely.

7.  Being Negative – If you think you will, you’re right.  If you think you won’t, you’re right.

8.  Being selfish – while you are reaching for your goals, remember to take the time to help others.  None of us can reach most goals by ourselves.

9.  Surrounding yourself with people who don’t reach their own goals – when we do this, those around us give us permission to fail or quit.  Misery loves company.  Surround yourself with goal oriented people!

10.  Watching too much TV – when we do this, we get lost in the pretend world and lose sight of the problems and solutions which lie within our real world.  Turn it off – go outside – go to the gym – read a book that helps you toward your goal.

I need to remind myself that if I can get to the starting line, I can also get to the finish line.

If at first you don’t succeed…well, you know the rest.