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Walking along the beach, the small waves lapping at the shore are a welcome sensation.  They wash over my toes and remind me of my nearby companion, the ocean.

Waves are a strange thing.  The small ones do no harm, other than possibly taking down a sandcastle or two.  The large ones, however, can wipe out a town in the blink of an eye.

In life, we all experience waves.  Usually they are tolerable and don’t knock us off balance.  Then there are times when the waves overtake us and hold us under.  As we gasp for air and struggle to reach the surface once more, we reach upward and hope that we will make it.

I’ve learned that it’s wise to always stay within the watchful eye of the Life Guard.  He will keep a constant eye on me and will always pull me out when I go under.  I am grateful for His presence.

Man has learned to harness the waves of the ocean by sailing atop them. He has found a way to use the ever changing force of the water to get him to the shore he wishes to reach.  He will surely encounter storms along the way.  As he travels he will rely on his compass to safely guide him through the storms, even when he cannot see the way with his own eyes.

As we sail through the waves of life, we must follow his example.  We must learn to use the waves that crash into our lives as a way to reach the place we wish to be next.  We need to trust in the guidance that is there for us to use and we must never lose sight of our nearby companion…the Life Guard.

This Little Light


Wow, are we ever being bombarded with heartbreaking news lately.  So many stories of sadness and unnecessary harm befalling so many people around the world – some so close to home.

Yesterday we in the Twin Cities lost an officer to violence.  He was making a routine traffic stop when he was shot and killed.  Fortunately, the criminal was caught – unfortunately, he left a wake of sadness with his thoughtless actions.

As I hear and see the news coverage of this sad event, I noticed something wonderful – light.

People want to pay their respects to the man behind the badge, to his friends and family left behind, to the community as a whole – last night they held a candlelight vigil in his honor.

To watch the light transfer from one candle to the next as the scene soon became awash in the glow was a wonderful, healing thing.  It reminded me that we each carry that potential light within us.  So, what do you do with your light?

If it’s hidden from sight, it’s a waste.  Get that light out there as often as you can.  Perhaps that means doing something as simple as offering a smile to another in a stressful situation.  Perhaps it means holding the door for someone who is not expecting it.  Perhaps it is a random act of kindness toward a neighbor or loved one.  It only takes a moment to come up with something “light” worthy.

As the saying goes, “a candle loses nothing by lighting another”.  Go and light someone’s candle today.  Oh, but take along your shades, thankfully it’s contagious.

The Poetry of Place


We all have those places which are special to us, dear to us.  Those places we long for when we are away from them.

We all know the saying, “Home is where the heart is,” and we innately know the truth in those words.  There are places we have visited, places we long to visit, places our loved ones gather – they are all places to which we’ve given a piece of our heart.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to visit a dear friend in her new place.  I must say, I’ve never seen more joy on her face as I did in that spot she has claimed as home.

We can always tell when a person has found peace in a place because when we enter it, we feel the welcome.  We feel the peace they are living amid, and it is contagious.

When we finally land where we are meant to be, we know it, we feel it in our soul.  We are home.  There is a rhythm to the days that is pleasing because we have this sense of being grounded.  A place that is a haven, a harbor, a heaven on earth.

That is the poetry of place, a place that we do not so much inhabit as it inhabits us.

When you find it, you’ll know it, and you’ll be blessed beyond words.