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How To Thank A Teacher

Teachers Change the World

This week is National Teachers Week, or National Teacher Appreciation Week, as we call it. It gives us a chance to thank those teachers who have touched our lives in unforgettable ways.

Every now and then, if you’re really fortunate, you will encounter one of those really special teachers. The kind who are doing exactly what they were meant to be doing and touching lives as they do so.  It may be a teacher who influenced you in your life decisions, or it could be a teacher in the life of your child.  Either way – remember to thank them this week!

This is the story of a group of students (present and past) who were fortunate enough to have Jessica Froehlich as their teacher.  Ms. Froehlich teaches AP World literature, dance and theater at Edina High School  here in the Twin Cities . They knew she was having a rough go of things, you see, her husband Steve has advanced cancer and they knew she needed a lift.

Her students secretly compiled a great big video thank you which they left on her computer for her to find.  A few live as far away as Europe, yet wanted to be a part of this project. It was the students way of thanking her and encouraging her the way she encouraged them.

Obviously, she is a great treasure in the lives of those whom she teaches. What an awesome thing to do, what a well deserved gift.  Please take some time to watch it and then share it.  Tell those teachers whom you love how much you appreciate them.

Class dismissed.

“Secret Love Project for Ms. Froehlich” (click on the link below)



Hanging With My Peeps


My mother does not generally enjoy candy.  When she does it is often the really odd ones, those weird orange Circus Peanuts and Marshmallow Peeps. Not sure why, but in her honor I am sharing a Peep-related post today.

In case you are living in a Peep-less world, Peeps are a marshmallow, chick shaped candy.  They come in all sorts of unnatural colors and are sold by the millions to be stuffed into unsuspecting Easter Baskets everywhere.  They also do amazing things when put into a microwave – try it at your own risk.

My favorite thing that they do is they grace the entries of a diorama contest every year at Easter time.  Here are a few of my favorite entries ever.  Enjoy.

  • This one is in honor of the Minnesota State Fair – how awesome is that?!

Great Minnesota Peep Together

  • This one is the artists interpretation of Congress.  I can see it.

Peeps contest finalists 2013 - Sequestration


  • This is an artist’s depiction of Beyonce’ singing(?) the National Anthem.

Peepyonce Sings The National Anthem


  • Sesame Peep

Sesame Peep

  • The Peepacy.  Apparently, this is Peep Benedict enjoying his retirement.

The Peepacy

  • The Peep Authority Scandal – Governor Chrispeep was not amused.



Peep Authority Scandal


  • The Village Peeple


I know they are really silly, but I am easily amused.  So as you are pushing those Peeps aside as you raid some unsuspecting child’s Easter Basket, take another look at those marshmallowy little chicks – get creative!

Peeps, out.


Bleeding Words


“There is nothing to writing.   All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”
― Ernest Hemingway

If you are not a writer, these words will be nonsense to you…if you are, you are currently nodding your head.  I fall into the latter group.

I have been a writer as long as I’ve been able to write down words.  I’ve been a storyteller longer than that.   I can still recall sitting in my room and stapling small sheets of paper into the semblance of a book and then filling them with stories.  I wish I had kept those imaginings which blossomed from the mind of the child I once was.  I wish I could see if we still imagine in the same way. Somehow, I believe we do.

Writing begins with  an inspiration, a thought, a word, a song, a photo…it grows into something much more.  As Hemingway so blatantly put it, words bleed forth from the soul.  The story is sometimes painful in its quest to be told.

I cannot imagine a time in my life when I will not be a writer.  Even if I can’t physically put the words down, they will still continue to form in my mind as pictures and ideas and they will continue to be attached to my soul.

It doesn’t really matter, to a writer, if anyone else sees the words – the goal is simply to get them out and to express the idea as something tangible.  To be a writer is both a divine gift as well as a devilish curse.  Some days the words are are uplifting and lovely, while other days they are crushing and painful to voice.  Such is the lot of the writer.

So thank you for taking the time to read what I have written.  Thank you for your encouraging words – they are valued greatly.  Here’s to many more days of storytelling.  Here’s to celebrating what’s in my blood.